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Business Brand Development

Brand development for your company takes time, hard work, and creativity. One of the best ways make your company and its logo more recognizable is by using advertising products. But then the next question becomes how to get those promotional products out into the community. It is always a good idea to give gifts to your current customers, but creative advertising means putting your business in front of new, potential clients. Here are a few creative marketing ideas to do just that:

One great idea to bolster your marketing, is to join the local area chamber of commerce. This provides great networking opportunities.

Visit your local college campuses for your business advertising by posting flyers in dorms, common areas, student unions, bathrooms, etc. This is a great free advertising option for two reasons (just be sure to speak with someone at the college first and get permission, otherwise your signs may be removed): first, college students love to shop, and secondly, if you’re ever looking to hire, many of them will probably be very interested!

Welcome Wagon groups are another good option for getting your advertising products distributed at almost no cost to you. These groups are usually more than happy to include your coupons and store information in their welcome packages.

Another group that will often provide free advertising is your local hospital (contact the Human Resources Department). Many hospitals send their new parents home with a goodie-filled diaper bag. Ask if you can add your free samples, coupons, etc. Even if you’re not a baby-related business, remember that this is all about getting the name of your business and your logo in front of as many people as possible for brand development and marketing.

While you’re at it, contact other local medical offices, especially doctor’s offices. Particularly in areas where the elderly population is so high, many people spend what they consider too much of their time sitting in waiting rooms. Ask the doctor’s office if you can leave some coupons. Be sure to also include some informative reading (such as a pamphlet) on your niche business. People are often bored and looking for something to occupy them until the doctor can finally see them. For some free marketing, help them fill that time.

Another free business advertising opportunity can be to contact and team up with a local radio station. Most of them offer paid advertising segments, but many will also provide free advertising in exchange for your business donating it’s product to the station. Or, simply ask to tag along to the many meet and greets radio stations do. Set up a booth near their van and soon there will be people who are coming to you, just because they’re in search of the radio. Again, free brand development!

Take advantage of the extensive elderly population in the Sunshine State by contacting local Bingo halls, Red Hat Societies, or any other organization that caters to retirees. Ask to post flyers and leave coupons at their meeting places, offer your company’s products or services as game prizes, or ask if you can speak at their next meeting for some free marketing.

All these ideas are about a high return on your business advertising for little to no monetary investment on your company’s part.

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