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What Are The Best Marketing Practices To Put In Place To Promote Its Activity?

Many SME managers are still convinced that lack of financial resources, dedicated teams and time, developing a marketing strategy is mission impossible. Yet, communication and marketing are no longer reserved for large groups. Young SMEs such as Michel and Augustin or the French Slip have become case studies for their ability to use buzz as a promotional tool. But what marketing strategy (s) for SMEs? How can they stand out?

Get started here:

1: Create your website

According to Our Firm, 50% of SMEs still do not have a website! A worrying figure especially as, whether for a company or offline, a website is a real asset! In fact, according to a 2018 Oxatis, 65% of store managers have an impact of e-commerce on their physical stores! And this, both in terms of traffic growth and turnover and in expanding their catchment area.

Having one’s own website is at least as important as brochures, flyers or business cards. It gives an overview of your business and your products to your prospects to encourage them to contact you or buy.

Even without Google Adwords, you can get a good ranking on Google by optimizing your site with SEO. Advertising is still a good tool to boost your visibility on the internet. There are some good practices that will help you maximize the success of your campaigns.

Think about building a “mobile friendly” or “responsive” site! Google even admitted that its dedicated algorithm favored SEO SEO mobile-compatible sites!

2 : Create business accounts on social networks

We have never seen such a cheap tool that can bring such good visibility. The French Brief, Maison Château Rouge, Chipiron, RSVP Paris … many entrepreneurs have used social networks as a springboard to get started and make their brand of the general public more affordable. We were talking about it elsewhere in this article .

Choose your social network based on your activity and your targets, develop your strategy and get started! For example, for BtoC, first and foremost Facebook. E-commerce or after-sales companies will also find an interest in Twitter. LinkedIn is particularly interesting if you are targeting a target of professionals (BtoB) …

Adding a small advertising budget is also a good way to engage more quickly with your first customers and boost the visibility of your business. There are good practices but also mistakes not to commit  to ensure the success of your campaigns on Facebook!

You can then train your employees in the professional use of social networks. They are your best ambassadors. Their posts generate more trust in the audience than posts in your business.

3: Register on comparative sites and groups of professionals

Register on the referencing sites of your sector or comparatives like or These sites generally offer widgets that you can integrate on your website, which will offer you a better visibility and more credibility with your prospects. Remember to invite your loyal customers to post a comment and answer them (even if the comment is negative).

Marketing Services

It is no wonder that marketers have a grim determination about them. They need all the staying power they can get because marketing is a slow, incremental effort that takes a long time to produce results. Seasoned marketing services know that they must follow a sequence and give it their all at every step of the way or their marketing efforts will be diluted. This article aims to take you through the steps that must be taken if a marketing effort is going to be successful.

  1. Definite goals. Any marketing services drive must have a clear objective. If this is lacking it is likely that the whole campaign will veer off course at some point. These goals must be defined and accepted by everyone involved in the marketing services. They more closely defined they are, the greater the chances of success. There must also be a time limit attached. A closely defined goal is this for example: to increase sales of Product A by 20% in six months.
  2. Customer is king. It is important to analyze the market niche or segment, in other the words the potential customers for your product or service. This is where all marketing efforts are directed in a well-targeted campaign. If the marketer does not know everything about them then the marketing effort will be misdirected, resources wasted and sales diminished. Marketers tirelessly identify and analyze potential customers.
  3. Create a plan and a budget and stick to it. Marketers spend a lot of time in planning and budget meetings, rightly so. Without a concrete plan it is easy to miscalculate the amount of money needed for a marketing effort and then to overstep the budget once the campaign is under way. Marketers need to tenaciously stick to the agreed plan and budget and work tirelessly to get the most for the marketing dollar at every level of the diversified marketing drive. To run out of money in the middle of a marketing drive is fatal.

Advanced Marketing Services

  1. Hire the right people. Great marketers take care not to rush into hiring. They get the right people at all costs and this takes precision and patience. They use headhunters and screen the best candidates remorselessly. Paradoxically, the more particular the marketer is about his marketing staff, the better the quality of marketer he will attract.
  2. Try, and try again. Those that offer marketing services are not afraid of small failures in their marketing drives. In fact they relish them. For instance, they will conduct split testing to “prove” that sales copy or an advertising medium or a promotional method is not good enough. This requires discipline and an acceptance that in order to find the best way to market a product or service you have to prove what the incorrect way is to market them as well.
  3. Stay with it. Now there is a goal, a target market, a budget and testing has been done. Now the marketer really has to show his mettle. As a rule of thumb a marketing promotion can be said to be a failure if in three months there has been no appreciable effect. This is a long time in marketing terms and the marketer must have the staying power to last three months before making any alterations to the marketing plan. Call it patience or call it staying power, any marketing service needs it in abundance.

Marketing Ideas

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world are also the greatest marketers. Just think of Donald Trump and Richard Branson. No one can accuse them of hiding their light under a bushel.

One can imagine how they enter any business meeting, completely at ease and in control of the situation. They have branded themselves and their businesses so strongly that they are unassailable in the marketplace.

The point about the great entrepreneurs/marketers is that they never stop marketing. When they wake up in the morning, when they close their eyes at night, everything is about marketing. Their marketing and branding efforts infiltrate everything they do.

Every single of one their employees is attuned to the image and the philosophy of the company. This is reflected in the office décor, the way the receptionist answers the phone, they way that the company’s vendors are treated and of course the customers.

No detail is left unattended. Everyone is dressed appropriately. Every piece of communication from the business letter to the advertising material bears the indelible stamp of the business’s style and marketing drive.

The marketing philosophy of successful companies is precisely the same thing as the business itself. Coke has great marketing capacity and it is in fact Coca-Cola itself. Everything else is subsidiary to the marketing drive from the way the sales people act to every piece of publicity material. Marketing just saturates successful companies.

And this illustrates dramatically to customers and prospective clients what makes the company different, what makes it stand out from the competition. Everything that is said, the dress, the appearance of the office, absolutely everything is part of the marketing process.

Ideas For Marketing

The marketing process as it imbues a successful business is pretty much a communication method all of its own. The image the business project is more than just informing customers about products and services. It is more than entertaining and it is not a “hard sell” type of communication such as advertising or promotions.

Instead it is an over-arching – and overwhelming – affirmation of the company and all it stands for. Any slogan, logo or sappy advertising line is unnecessary when confronted with a successful business. You know exactly what it’s about just by having anything whatever to do with it.

It is more than just an image ad. An image ad counts for nothing if the company in fact has no image. In that case it would be a “nothing” ad. Each ad, each piece of communication has to add up to a huge and persuasive message that differentiates the business from its competitors. You could say that everything about business marketing and the goal of it is to show differentiation.

It is a serious and all-encompassing approach that requires great energy and dedication. But the benefits are enormous. Start to turn your business into one huge advertisement for your company right now, one phone call at a time, one dress code at a time. You will never regret it.

Business Brand Development

Brand development for your company takes time, hard work, and creativity. One of the best ways make your company and its logo more recognizable is by using advertising products. But then the next question becomes how to get those promotional products out into the community. It is always a good idea to give gifts to your current customers, but creative advertising means putting your business in front of new, potential clients. Here are a few creative marketing ideas to do just that:

One great idea to bolster your marketing, is to join the local area chamber of commerce. This provides great networking opportunities.

Visit your local college campuses for your business advertising by posting flyers in dorms, common areas, student unions, bathrooms, etc. This is a great free advertising option for two reasons (just be sure to speak with someone at the college first and get permission, otherwise your signs may be removed): first, college students love to shop, and secondly, if you’re ever looking to hire, many of them will probably be very interested!

Welcome Wagon groups are another good option for getting your advertising products distributed at almost no cost to you. These groups are usually more than happy to include your coupons and store information in their welcome packages.

Another group that will often provide free advertising is your local hospital (contact the Human Resources Department). Many hospitals send their new parents home with a goodie-filled diaper bag. Ask if you can add your free samples, coupons, etc. Even if you’re not a baby-related business, remember that this is all about getting the name of your business and your logo in front of as many people as possible for brand development and marketing.

While you’re at it, contact other local medical offices, especially doctor’s offices. Particularly in areas where the elderly population is so high, many people spend what they consider too much of their time sitting in waiting rooms. Ask the doctor’s office if you can leave some coupons. Be sure to also include some informative reading (such as a pamphlet) on your niche business. People are often bored and looking for something to occupy them until the doctor can finally see them. For some free marketing, help them fill that time.

Another free business advertising opportunity can be to contact and team up with a local radio station. Most of them offer paid advertising segments, but many will also provide free advertising in exchange for your business donating it’s product to the station. Or, simply ask to tag along to the many meet and greets radio stations do. Set up a booth near their van and soon there will be people who are coming to you, just because they’re in search of the radio. Again, free brand development!

Take advantage of the extensive elderly population in the Sunshine State by contacting local Bingo halls, Red Hat Societies, or any other organization that caters to retirees. Ask to post flyers and leave coupons at their meeting places, offer your company’s products or services as game prizes, or ask if you can speak at their next meeting for some free marketing.

All these ideas are about a high return on your business advertising for little to no monetary investment on your company’s part.