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Marketing Ideas

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world are also the greatest marketers. Just think of Donald Trump and Richard Branson. No one can accuse them of hiding their light under a bushel.

One can imagine how they enter any business meeting, completely at ease and in control of the situation. They have branded themselves and their businesses so strongly that they are unassailable in the marketplace.

The point about the great entrepreneurs/marketers is that they never stop marketing. When they wake up in the morning, when they close their eyes at night, everything is about marketing. Their marketing and branding efforts infiltrate everything they do.

Every single of one their employees is attuned to the image and the philosophy of the company. This is reflected in the office décor, the way the receptionist answers the phone, they way that the company’s vendors are treated and of course the customers.

No detail is left unattended. Everyone is dressed appropriately. Every piece of communication from the business letter to the advertising material bears the indelible stamp of the business’s style and marketing drive.

The marketing philosophy of successful companies is precisely the same thing as the business itself. Coke has great marketing capacity and it is in fact Coca-Cola itself. Everything else is subsidiary to the marketing drive from the way the sales people act to every piece of publicity material. Marketing just saturates successful companies.

And this illustrates dramatically to customers and prospective clients what makes the company different, what makes it stand out from the competition. Everything that is said, the dress, the appearance of the office, absolutely everything is part of the marketing process.

Ideas For Marketing

The marketing process as it imbues a successful business is pretty much a communication method all of its own. The image the business project is more than just informing customers about products and services. It is more than entertaining and it is not a “hard sell” type of communication such as advertising or promotions.

Instead it is an over-arching – and overwhelming – affirmation of the company and all it stands for. Any slogan, logo or sappy advertising line is unnecessary when confronted with a successful business. You know exactly what it’s about just by having anything whatever to do with it.

It is more than just an image ad. An image ad counts for nothing if the company in fact has no image. In that case it would be a “nothing” ad. Each ad, each piece of communication has to add up to a huge and persuasive message that differentiates the business from its competitors. You could say that everything about business marketing and the goal of it is to show differentiation.

It is a serious and all-encompassing approach that requires great energy and dedication. But the benefits are enormous. Start to turn your business into one huge advertisement for your company right now, one phone call at a time, one dress code at a time. You will never regret it.

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