Our Objectives


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Our Objectives

In a small business or an SME, marketing and business development are intimately linked. We think about its marketing to increase its turnover! As a marketing consulting specialist for SMEs and small businesses, Our teamĀ  works with you in a very pragmatic way, to help you reach and exceed your objectives:

Answering fundamental questions

A marketing consulting approach with an SME or a TPE is to answer very specific questions:

Your customers: how do they talk about you? What benefits do they get from using your product or service?

Your offer: how should it evolve? Which activities should you focus on? Which position to adopt?

What price level to practice, given the market? Which billing method should you adopt? Eventually, how to evolve your business model?

What action plan put in place to capture more customers? What device to imagine to generate the leads you need? How to use all the resources of digital marketing?

What form should your communication take? What messages to pass? How to make them as clear as possible? And how do you differentiate?

What indicators to put in place to monitor performance? Please Click On: www.vitaindipendente.net