What Are The Best Marketing Practices To Put In Place To Promote Its Activity?


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What Are The Best Marketing Practices To Put In Place To Promote Its Activity?

Many SME managers are still convinced that lack of financial resources, dedicated teams and time, developing a marketing strategy is mission impossible. Yet, communication and marketing are no longer reserved for large groups. Young SMEs such as Michel and Augustin or the French Slip have become case studies for their ability to use buzz as a promotional tool. But what marketing strategy (s) for SMEs? How can they stand out?

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1: Create your website

According to Our Firm, 50% of SMEs still do not have a website! A worrying figure especially as, whether for a company or offline, a website is a real asset! In fact, according to a 2018 Oxatis, 65% of store managers have an impact of e-commerce on their physical stores! And this, both in terms of traffic growth and turnover and in expanding their catchment area.

Having one’s own website is at least as important as brochures, flyers or business cards. It gives an overview of your business and your products to your prospects to encourage them to contact you or buy.

Even without Google Adwords, you can get a good ranking on Google by optimizing your site with SEO. Advertising is still a good tool to boost your visibility on the internet. There are some good practices that will help you maximize the success of your campaigns.

Think about building a “mobile friendly” or “responsive” site! Google even admitted that its dedicated algorithm favored SEO SEO mobile-compatible sites!

2 : Create business accounts on social networks

We have never seen such a cheap tool that can bring such good visibility. The French Brief, Maison Château Rouge, Chipiron, RSVP Paris … many entrepreneurs have used social networks as a springboard to get started and make their brand of the general public more affordable. We were talking about it elsewhere in this article .

Choose your social network based on your activity and your targets, develop your strategy and get started! For example, for BtoC, first and foremost Facebook. E-commerce or after-sales companies will also find an interest in Twitter. LinkedIn is particularly interesting if you are targeting a target of professionals (BtoB) …

Adding a small advertising budget is also a good way to engage more quickly with your first customers and boost the visibility of your business. There are good practices but also mistakes not to commit  to ensure the success of your campaigns on Facebook!

You can then train your employees in the professional use of social networks. They are your best ambassadors. Their posts generate more trust in the audience than posts in your business.

3: Register on comparative sites and groups of professionals

Register on the referencing sites of your sector or comparatives like yelp.fr or tripadvisor.fr These sites generally offer widgets that you can integrate on your website, which will offer you a better visibility and more credibility with your prospects. Remember to invite your loyal customers to post a comment and answer them (even if the comment is negative).

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